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We have been advertising extensively in the local newspaper and online classified ads. We have tried all sort of advertising like flyers and direct mail. But most of it can't delivery what EmailCashPro can do. With just one advertisement which costs us only $60, we are able to get a 65% click through with 13% conversion rate. Imagine getting thousands of unique visitors within a few days. This is definitely one of the most valuable website I have found.



When EmailCashPro was first launched, many people were skeptical. The common question was does it work?

Well, looking at the kind of testimonials we're receiving from our advertisers, we are confident to say IT WORKS!

Thanks for your follow up, first day after the adv is out, we received few enquiries emails and calls and an appointment was made. So far, I am quite please with the result and still monitoring for the next few days.


Warren Choo

EmailCashPro Team has outdone themselves! This approach works! During the period while Iíve taken up on EmailCashPro offer, the hit rate at my website has definitely doubled within 1-week of circulation. Will definitely support and recommend this initiative to businesses that wish to generate leads online.


Jenny Tan

I will like to thanks EmailCashPro for giving us the opportunity to advertise with you. I am surprise on the high surge of 1016 visitors coming to our site referred from EmailCashPro in 1 day! In addition, special thanks to Kenneth for the prompt replies of emails and everything. Thank you, once again!



Daniel Ho 

Hi! I've been in online business for about 5 years. Yesterday, I submitted ads through EmailCashPro and I was so surprised with the response from the people. The same day I had 25 people enrolled into my online business and today I checked it's 43 enrolled.

Amazing response I never seen it before!


Batu Ulziikhuu


Why Does EmailCashPro Work For You?

1) You are advertising to the RIGHT group of people who have indicated an interest in your product.

2) Our members view your advertisement BY CHOICE, not by chance. In another words, you have their FULL ATTENTION to your ad.

3) Our member is already online while viewing your ad. This means you can effectively convert interested prospects into your mailing list and follow up with them on the benefits of your products and services. This is probably the most powerful advertising tool in this century!!

We had a great response to the advertisement we placed in EmailCashPro.

Within a few hours of placing the ad, we started to receive registration for the Health Forum and even continued to the day of the event.

I attribute this great response to your highly selectable and targeted database. I was able to define my target market and you were able to meet my needs.

Also, thanks for taking your time to help me with the web copy. Your professional input made a difference. Thanks a million for being there in person. Will definitely advertise in EmailCashPro again.

God Bless

Kenneth Tan

Where Can You Find People Interested In Your Product / Service?

They are here, waiting for your best recommendation. All you have to do is:

1. Identify your target group

2. Come out with your best offer for them

3. Send your ads to them!


Arts (13745 people)

Automobiles (23214)

Beauty (25166)

Business (23267)

Cooking (21923)

Computers & electronics (33878)

Dating (17317)

Entertainment & leisure (40792)

Employment (24047)

Fashion & trends (33704)

Food and dining (33204)

Gambling (7912)

Games (28631)

Health & wellness (24790)

Home business (32791)

Home entertainment (23106)

Home improvement & furniture (17245)

Kitchen and home appliances (10322)

Luxury living (19719)

Mobile phones & accessories (35083)

Movies & music (42225)

Finance & investments (21031)

Parenting (10040)

Personal development (24311)

Pets (14553)

Photography (14120)

Property (10759)

Sports (25628)

Shopping (32842)

Travel (36635)

If your product is gender specific or age specific, you can also advertise by Gender or Age. The choice is all yours!

Which Countries Am I Targeting?

85% of our members are Singapore residents. Singapore is an affluent country with high purchasing power. If you are doing business in Singapore or planning to enter this profitable market, we are probably the best choice for you. We have received great feedbacks from advertisers from all kinds of industries, including entertainment, beauty, health care, home business, investment and many more.

14% of our members are people from other countries, including Malaysia, Australia and other Asia Pacific countries. Asia Pacific is a huge and relatively untapped market. In this competitive age, having an untapped market is almost equivalent to having a gold mine in your backyard. Why fight with the crowd when the grass is greener on the other side?

In your advertisement submission form, you will be able to choose your preferred target market.

How Does EmailCashPro Advertising Work?

When you advertise with us, you will supply us with

1) A catchy email subject to capture your prospects attention

View a screen shot of a sample email sent

2) A url link to your advertisement webpage

View a demo of how it works

That's it! Your targeted prospects will see your ad and respond to you.

If you are serious about your business, you got to read this!

Having advertised for many customers, we have seen some great success and some total flop. While we do our best to help our advertisers, there is a limit to what we can do because time is limited.

As such, we have prepared an Online Course called

 "What Successful Advertisers Know But You Don't!".

This Course is free and if you are serious about your business, you got to read it.

Enter your name and email below to sign up for the Online Course now.

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If you have got your Offer and Advertisement ready, you are just 1 step away from getting the response that you desire.

Our advertising package begins at S$63 (US$42) for 1000 Soloads, with 100% response guarantee. This means you will definitely receive more than 1000 unique visitors to view your advertisement or to your website.

Note: We are NOT talking about a 3-line ad that you see in the classifieds. When you advertise with us, your prospects will see your FULL ad. You can add all kinds of stunts into your ad, the sky is the limit. You can throw in some freebies and turn the traffic into your own mailing list so that you can follow up with them in the future. This is what you can't do with other conventional advertising media.

If you are still not convinced, TAKE THIS CHALLENGE!

Go ahead and post a S$63 (US$42) worth of ad in your favourite media and see how many people visit your website. Then post 1 ad with us for S$63 (US$42). If you do not receive better response, we will refund you your money!

What? You say it's unfair because for S$63 (US$42), you probably can only get a 3-line ad in conventional media and no one will notice? Fine. Go ahead and post a S$300 worth of ad in your favourite media and for the same price, we will let you post to ALL our members who are interested in your product / service. If you don't get better response, we will refund you 100%!

You may wonder why we're so confident about our system. Frankly, we were not confident at all. Our confidence comes from our advertisers. We have received feedbacks from our advertisers that the reason why they come to us is because they have tried many other ways to advertise and have given up hope in those advertising channels.

While writing the above paragraph, we receive an email from another advertiser who advertised with us only yesterday (Friday)!

Thank you!

I'm receiving great response!

Do you send email ads on Saturday and Sunday?



Looks like we're going to have one more repeat customer.

EmailCashPro is your solution to the forever escalating advertising costs. If you are looking for economical and effective advertising, KEEP LOOKING. When all things fail, come back to us. We are always here for you.

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